We are Foam manufacturer with over 30 years of experience. At Chiang Mai Foam Factory, we carry a large selection of foam products, for a wide range of applications, all at very competitive prices!
Applications include bedding, seating for both indoor and outdoor, packaging, acoustical foam, comfort items, support items, and much more…
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When it comes to foam, there are always two very important factors to take into consideration; they are the density and the hardness of the foam. Here’s why these two qualities are so important:

– The density refers to how much the foam weight in kilograms per cubic meter, and this is how we measure the quality of the foam. The higher the density of foam is, the longer the foam will last. So what is considered high or low density? A cubic meter of foam weighting less than 20 kilograms is considered to be low density foam, whereas 20 to 24 kilograms is considered medium density and above 24 kilograms is considered high density.

– The hardness of foam refers to its firmness and is measured by taking a standard piece of foam and recording how much pressure is needed to compress it.

Hardness and density should not be confused with each other, as high density foam is not necessarily hard, and low density foam is not necessarily soft.

Our Process - Chiang Mai Foam

Mixing System

Isocyanate + Polyol


Polyurethane Foam Block


The foam is cut to the shape ordered.


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